For this project, students took a series of five portraits of five different people. However, the subject’s face in each of the photos had to be completely distorted or hidden. In doing so, the contents of the photo, along with the minute details of the body, became more important to revealing the individual than the actual face.  In order of appearance:  Jenna, Albin, Angel, Angela, Mark, Kevin, Kaitlyn, Paul
 For this project, students had to create a series of photos shot in a surrealist manner.  In order of appearance:  Annie, Edward, Megan, Muthu, Nicole, Gina, Sohini, Claire, Grant, Bella, Ryan
 For this project, students took a series of three photos depicting a fictional event, either showing the event unfolding or documenting its aftermath. Students were told to think of the images as being single-framed stories: each one should reveal or hint at some kind of narrative. However, “silence” was emphasized as being key in depicting an event: the more subtle the “evidence” in each scene, the more likely the viewer would investigate.  In order of appearance:  Paul, Jenna, Nick, Maya
 For this project, students had to create a diptych portrait that utilized juxtaposition. While one image had to be a portrait, the accompanying image had to relate to a quality about the subject being photographed. Essentially, students were to create meaning / reveal something deeper about the subject by having the portrait interact with another symbolic image.  In order of appearance:  Claire, Kelly, David, Megan, Casey, Kristin, Angela, Muthu
 “By definition, a typology is an assemblage based on a shared attribute. Patterns, both visual and intellectual, resonate and reveal themselves within collections. Information not apparent in isolation becomes visible in context - only through studying groupings are we able to discern similarities and contrasts. In observing collections of similar things, the beautiful variations become evident. And the closer you look, the more you see.”  - Diana Zlatanovski  In order of appearance:  Edward, Kaitlyn, Kelly, Julia, Casey, Grant